Did You Know?

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11,000 litres of water are required to produce a pair of jeans. A sheet of recycled paper saves 1 litre of water, corresponding to 2.5 W of electricity or 15g of wood. Discover surprising figures images that make us aware of major planetary issues concerning water and waste.

Corporate film 2014

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Faced with global issues and a constantly changing world, Suez Environnement is committed to provide essential services in water and waste, to protect resources, to treat and recover our waste or innovate in technology but also in contracts to support our customers in the definition of innovative solutions. Discover the Suez Environnement 2014 corporate film !

2013 Key figures

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How many people did Suez Environnement supply with drinking water ? How many tons of waste were recovered last year ? Discover all the key figures of the year 2013!

Glass recycling in the “High 5 way”

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High 5 is capable of separating mixed glass colours. It means that with such a technology, the initial sorting realized by the citizen (separating white and coloured glass into distinct bins) isn’t necessary anymore, which gives High 5 an important competitive advantage. Christian Deltenre, High 5 General Director, explains this innovation.