Making water networks smart

Around the world, 35% of the drinking water flowing through water systems is lost, amounting to 49 billion m3 of water a year. This is why SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is continuously innovating to develop solutions to monitor water networks in real time, to prevent leaks, to act immediately and to ensure optimal water quality for the population. Welcome to the real world of smart water networks with Aquadvanced, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s “4 star” solution.

Did you know that over 35% of global drinking water disappears before reaching consumers’ taps! Who is responsible? Leaks! These water losses, mostly due to aging pipes, are estimated worldwide at over 33 billion m3/year1! Not counting the 16 billion m3 that vanish each year because of fraud. There are billing and reading mistakes as well – many anomalies that can now be detected and dealt with: currently, networks are under high surveillance

Enemy number one: leaks!

Conserving water resources is a major issue for the 21st century. As the growth of urban populations inevitably means increased water needs, fighting waste by optimizing water network performance is a priority. Did you
know that reported water losses represent only 10% of the leaks? Indeed, 90% of leaks are “invisible”! This means that water losses have to be brought “under control”. For this purpose, the network must be checked on an ongoing basis and renewed regularly to remain in good condition. What are the advantages? Preventing leaks of course, since these, apart from water losses, also raise the frequency of water cut-offs and operating costs. Thus, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is setting up innovative solutions to address these issues. The aim is to monitor the network in real time to manage leaks. Today, it is possible to detect them and act immediately: welcome to the world of smart networks.

Prevention is better than cure 

We now know the state of the network in real time. This is not magic but the result of the expertise and lengthy research work carried out by the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT teams. What is the outcome?
The development of many solutions that enable the state of the network to be known in real time. One, particularly innovative solution, goes further. It is called Aquadvanced What are its advantages?
Aquadvanced monitors the network’s hydraulic behaviour in real time by means of sensors placed on the network that measure the flow, pressure and flow rate, and so identify and anticipate anomalies such as water leaks but also act on water quality or pressure problems. In addition to this information, Aquadvanced gathers data from diverse sources like the remote management system and SCADA, SIG (French Geographic Information System), remote meter reading not forgetting a personnel management system, interventions and customer relations. By centralizing this data, Aquadvanced processes, analyses and uses it to produce detailed summaries and maps, to simulate the impact of the actions implemented, to submit proposals for optimizing energy consumption, etc. The network, thus under high surveillance, can be monitored on an ongoing basis for smart events management. Is the water too chlorinated? Has the water pressure dropped? An alert is sent straight away and the problem is analyzed and located immediately and accurately, and is resolved as soon as possible and monitored, step-by-step with the simulation of the action plan to be implemented. Efficiency!

Everyone’s a winner! 

And what of the consumer in all this? They are winners too, naturally! Aquadvanced ensures better quality of service with fewer and shorter water cut-offs, improved water quality and pressure not forgetting, better informed, hence more effective, customer assistance. What about local authorities? Aquadvanced guarantees improved performance of the water network and therefore its service life, leading to significant energy savings. Not to mention better communication with citizens and complete transparency about network performance and operation. Soon, this tool will be capable of
analyzing data in order to propose strategies for optimizing energy consumption of the water transport network for optimum management enabling controlled distribution, at least cost. Aquadvanced or intelligence serving the performance of city water networks.

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